Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hardy Bay to Ft Rupert Trail

A family of common mergansers has taken over the harbor. I liked the blue background in this photo.
Mo's been battling a bit of the crud, but we took advantage of a rare rainless day and hiked across to Fort Rupert, a little community on the other side of the penninsula. A local pointed out the trailhead off the highway - definitely needs a new approach.
The trail is raw, but passable. Some tree trunks are too big to clear out of the corridor, and if cut right can become part of the tread.
This "Jaws" tree was a cool touch.
Mountain bikers had obviously got a hold of this trail and the "skinnies" were interesting.
Their unique use of roofing paper to increase traction on old log corduroy was creative.
At the end of the trail, we popped out at the beach in Ft. Rupert's park. Chance made some friends, but never did go swimming for the ball with the retrievers.
Nice place for a break before turning around to Pt. Hardy again.
We will be heading out on a ski trip at some point soon, and hope to be in the states come Dec. We're keenly looking at snow reports. How's the snow in your neck of the woods?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sointula - A Place of Harmony - I swear I didn't write that.

Chance's first ferry ride. Blain and he took one for the team, particularly on the way back in rain and gales. Dogs aren't allowed on the upper decks, so we stood around with the cars. Wild ride. Mo said the inside of the passenger cabin was cool. Hmm.
Sointula - A former Finnish utopian community on Malcome Island. They have an interesting and unique history. http://www.sointula.com/

See, I didn't make it up...

Sointula reminded us of close-knit Homer, AK set in Seldovia, AK.
Lots of artists, boatbuilders, fisherman, and Finns. This fence looks like all four built it.

The food co-op is the oldest in BC, and celebrated their 100 yr milestone. Many great old buldings like this old boathouse.

Chance, however, was impressed with the doghouses. I bet they've had a whole bunch of dogs named "Mack".

Sointula is also home of the recycled gillnet shag rug. Something everybody needs.

The Winter Fest was a bit of fun, and seemed to be the biggest social event of the year. A little (quite good) bluegrass and a fogged-up lens on the camera gave it a smoky bar look.

The social/food hall was old and purpose-built to feed an army.
We got to meet inspirational environmental heroine Alexandra Morton. Go here to see her plight and fight to save BC's wild salmon. We hope to, in some small way, help her and Billy Proctor bring back the lifeblood of the Northwest coast.