Saturday, February 27, 2010

A phone call from the blue...

We got a call for a very nice woman in Bend who found some of our stolen stuff in her yard. She apologized for not calling right away because she said she'd been busy.

Hmmm, we thought.

Then Mo talked to her, and found she had wanted to wash and dry our clothes before sending them. Wow. It's so good to know there are great people in the world.

The clothes arrived clean and folded. Even the socks.

Mo got her backpack back, too and now has to decide between her old clothes, and her new replacements. A good problem to have.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympics at last!

We made it to the Olympics - the hard way. But the reward was so good. Breaking a leg has one advantage. Our seats were front row awesome. One surly volunteer even asked what my "fake" injury was. I didn't know we were on to something here. Given a choice....
On a gorgeous day at the Callahan Valley, we got to watch a bit of history with tens of thousands of screaming cross-country ski fans.
Mo was (inappropriately) attired in her new Canada mitts. A gift from cousin Krista - Thank you!
Kikkan Randall, skier in red from Anchorage pushing past the Canadians at the semifinal qualifier for third. She was so strong, and closed the gap every leg she skied. The women need to pull a few others up to her caliber, and then we'll be talking medals.

Men's sprint relay start.
The paparazzi all getting exactly the same photo.
Petter Northug on the right - ski machine. Unstoppable at the final sprint.
The German women's winners were cute holding hands to the podium.
The Norwegians had a lot to celebrate about.
We made it!