Thursday, July 22, 2010

To hot springs again and the wild Chichagof coast

The first stop out of Sitka was the Magoun Islands - a sweet little anchorage with loads of paddling opportunity and a golden sunset. We enjoyed some grilled king salmon on the newly repaired BBQ. You might recall Blain sent a few vital parts to the bottom a while back. It is soo good to have a working grill.

Chance here helping with the driving.

Blain made a nice rye sourdough braid. Ovens are also a good thing.
On to White Sulphur Hot Springs. The entrance to the anchorage for this site is a crazy zigzag amongst keel-eating boulders. Not for the faint of heat, but once headed in the ocean swell breaks all around and surf crashes on the rocks. Kelp filled the narrow channel, so we knew it was a one-way ride. We tip-toed through at .5 knots and made it in, secure for whatever weather we might get. We stayed three days and enjoyed the hiking trails and backwater paddling. What a world-class spot. We loved it and will be back.

Chance took one for the team on the slippery boardwalk hike in. He wasn't amused. We tried not to laugh.
Mo took the opportunity during a break in the rain to do a little Alaska yoga - clad in rubber raingear and XtraTufs.

Rounding from the outside ocean to Lisianski was a wild ride in 8-foot surf, but we gained confidence in our little boat. The Forest Service dock at Bohemia Creek was a welcome sight to calm frazzled nerves.
A friendly C-Dory was there, too. Named "Hunky Dory", Blain remembered her from web postings on the C-Dory board when we had C-Worthy. We enjoyed the company of Jolee and Jay in the shelter for a couple of nights. They are a lot of fun and have done some amazing trips in HD, including the Yukon River and Yellowstone Lake. We enjoyed sharing maps and stories. Jay even had one about Bigfoot. This is their third or fourth trip in the Inside Passage. Those boats... We sure loved ours, too.
The hike through the muskeg up Bohemia Basin to an old mine cabin was a great time. A little wet, but so good to get out in it.

And the berries are coming in... So good.

On to Pelican and Elfin Cove next.