Monday, April 19, 2010

North tomorrow?

Looks like we have a reasonable weather window to give it a go across Queen Charlotte Sound. The dinghy's blown up and we just have to take the tarp down. This is good.

We're a bit sad to leave Pt. Hardy, and our newfound friends Shari Lee and Patrick, but it's time for a new horizon. Patrick was a wealth of knowledge having kayaked most of the Inside Passage, and Shari Lee tantalized us with her adventures in Fiji and those tiny Pacific islands of our dreams. They also introduced us to curried horse mussels for dinner.

Blain threw his air cast in the dumpster and is hobbling around with the help of a ski pole. Mo's got the cupboards so full the boat lists to port. Tanks are full, the flags up. We're ready. If the engine fires up, nothing should keep us.

First stop will likely be Skull Cove. So piratical. Argh! Then it's around Cape Caution. A well named point separating Queen Charlotte Sound from Fitz Hugh Sound and exposed to the full Pacific. Our first real ocean exposure. Blain tried the seasickness medicine ahead of time, and he's relaxed, strolling around the docks, looking at neat stuff. And other stuff, too. Not just neat stuff. All the stuff.

Our next port-of-call is hoped to be Shearwater (Bella Bella). Happy spring to everyone.