Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sold the house, and a special guest

Sold one money trap, and bought a new one. Just kidding Laura!!!
Our good friend Peter, who in fact is a Landscape Architect, sure signs a mean contract. He forged our signatures on all the house sale documents, but even his sloppy cursive is better than Blain's best writing. It just has to fool Laura. That's all. Don't tell her.

Yes! We sold the house. And our friend Laura got a great little place. We were certainly happy there for almost ten years. A lot of love still left though. Have a great house-warming party Laura, and all our best wishes. She's yours to love.

Speaking of Landscape Architects, Mo's former boss Jeff Dillon was our first official guest aboard. We got to pull out the fine plastic and did a right lovely little tea party. A walk to the nearby Golden Gardens beach park , because that's what Landscape Architects like to do, and then dinner at Ray's famous restaurant. We all got a kick out of the trashcan soccer goals, and the creativity on this otherwise very negative sign. The trees that grow in sand are also something of an enigma. Folks have asked what we do all day. Besides running to various marine stores, and the grocery run, Home Depot, the bank for more money, etc... we prepare the boat for a long cruise in some very wet country. 'Oystercatcher' is a fine a solid 1982 fiberglass pilothouse, and though the former owners did a great job of maintenance, there are still a few things to do. One of the front windows had a crack in it, so Blain called a guy that does these things, and screwed up the courage to pull the glass himself. Luckily, it went smoothly and the new glass should be ready tomorrow.

While Blain was prepping the window frame and helping a guy hoist another guy up his mast, Monique was removing that old name. We know, we know, it's supposed to be bad luck to rename a boat. So we're not. We're re-lettering. It just so happens that the new letters spell 'Oystercatcher'.A heat gun and a scraper - in this case a credit card- and it's good bye to the good life...

Tomorrow, we think we'll re-letter.

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  1. Love the sweatshirt. You are doing Anchorage Parks proud.
    Am confused by the trees in sand. Is that Seattle? Looks like something to visit.
    Hooray for the Oyster catcher!