Monday, August 24, 2009

Port Neville time warp

We stopped into Port Neville, a former general store, and occupied homestead since 1891. These the place lends itself to B&W photos, so we played around a bit.

Inside the store are many of the products they sold along the way and would be a flea-market hunter's dream. Luckily it is now run as a sort of museum by the great granddaughter Lorna.
Some of the products on display weren't particularly politically correct for today's audience.

Back to the docks, we were glad to see we aren't the only ones that take dogs kayaking. This fun British couple had glass-bottom kayaks and a happy pooch.
We were happy to not be the spectacle this time and to watch them get the giggles.
A gorgeous 1950's fishing boat pulled in next to us and invited us to a feast of fresh clams, cockles, salmon, and rock fish.
Port Neville is just off Johnstone Strait and we felt the winds. But the sunset was nice on the racing clouds.

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