Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Anchorage Before Denver

Our last anchorage before putting the boat to bed for a bit in Pt. McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island was spectacular. The weather wasn't bad either.
Close to Queen Charlotte Strait, the birdlife was out of hand. Thousands of murres, sooty shearwaters and auklets. We had a visit one evening by two humpback whales, blowing and grunting all night.

Our only visitor was this local fishing boat looking for 'smokers'. I yelled back, "Salmon?!" And he shook his head and yelled, "No - cigarettes". So much for impressing the locals with our savvy.

The bay was open to the north winds, but only southerlies were in the forecast.

Great big kelp, land otters, shorebirds, and a sealion rookery around the corner kept it lively. We'll show it to you if you come out for a visit....

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