Saturday, October 03, 2009

Our sea legs are stretched on land - Denver

We buttoned up the boat for nearly a month to go back to Denver to see our stalwart bachelor Bill get married to Dominique. Bill and Blain go way back to the Leadville Days. We also caught up with the rest of the Leadville/Ft. Collins clan: Clay and Laura, Marty and Marlaina - as the wedding official. Shaun is poking his head in, too.
A bit windy for the candle-lighting, but sunny and fine for hand-holding.
Bill is working at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal - but he's been bald for some time now.
Absolutely great to see the old group. They gave Blain a hard time about the grey in the beard, but he countered that at least he still had his hair. Believe it or not, at one time the guys had longer hair than the girls.

On to Denver. We got to spend our nights at Chez Rogers with Aidan and Sean - progeny of Allison and Kenny. Allison took us up to Boulder for a hike at the NCAR facility in the Flatirons. It was nice and hot and sunny and dry.
Note the fashionable Rockies cap. Alaskans hiding from the sun. Also note there's even a bit of a tan from the sunny rainforest this year.
The trip-saver were these sandstone chaise lounges built with a view at Wood's Quarry. Aidan and Sean loved them.
We thank Aidan for letting us sleep in his room. The glow in-the-dark stars helped us to avoid stepping on dinosaurs and action droids.
Both brothers were part of their class float in "Broomfield Days". The theme was rock & roll. They really rocked.
Sean got a hold of our camera for a self-portrait.Hanging out at the park on a nice windy day with kites. We loved it.

We then got to stay with Marty and Marlaina, and Keeghan in Fort Collins. Keeghan knows he is one lucky kid.

On to more of our favorite old haunts. Blain sometimes dreams fitful dreams of Lucilles Cafe. The world's best breakfast place. Cajun egg dishes, beignets, grits, and unbelievable biscuits.
Don't miss the Eggs Sardou. Oh lawdy!
This is one very happy man.
Shaun also put us up for a night after a visit to CooperSmiths - home of Sigda's Green Chilli Beer. Mmmm! Thanks Shaun.

Then up to Rocky Mountain National Park to look for nature. Saw some. The elk were in full rut and we were absorbed in the soap-opera dramas as the males protected their harems, chasing the females back if they strayed too far, bugling back to rivals.
The wildlife wasn't so wild along the trails.
But the aspen were full turn, and Moraine Lake just gorgeous.
Mo's Dad and Marna drove all the way up from Hot Springs Village, AR. Together, we rented a cabin in the Estes Park area. The relaxing time spent with them was simply perfect.

We made dinners together and took several hikes in the snowy weather. Thanks Pop! We loved it. Marna, you're a real trooper.


Back to Denver on our whirlwind tour again - this time to see Blain's Mom, Sister Kyrie and to get reacquainted with his Dad's side of the family - the Andersons. It was way too long between visits - maybe 15 years.

Kyrie, Aaron, Shelby and Phoenix drove out from Omaha.

We loved the time with them, and Shelby (our hope to become a sailboat captain) continues to grow into a lovely little lady.

Our time at Aunt Carole's was spent catching up and enjoying each other's company. Phoenix was busy trying to entertain the whole gang with her version of "plays".

The audience was not exactly going wild.

Here are some photos from Kyrie - Blain's sis.

Aaron and Phoenix. Aaron impressed us all with the guts to wear a Nebraska U shirt in a house that has the old 20-yardline astroturf of the CU stadium for a porch carpet.

Auntie Mo and the girls.
After Pizza at the famous Arvada Villa.

Finally, Blain's Aunt Carole (with Duffy) and cousin Jenny. It was fabulous getting back in touch with them.

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