Friday, February 12, 2010


We're recovering from events last week - broken leg and car smash n grab. Both quite rough in their own right, but added with having to give up our volunteer positions at Whistler for the XC skiing events, it's a real bummer. Hopefully our "things happen in threes" week, and we're done. Life was just too good, I suppose.

We're still hoping to attend the two events we have tickets for, and salvage a bit out of the situation, and - believe it - our renters insurance might be able to pay for some of the things stolen. Unfortunately, Blain falls in the cracks of preexisting conditions, and isn't able to get health insurance, so the bills are going to sting when they come. Not working for 10 months may help get some financing, so we'll keep fighting it.

New window installed, we drove from Bend to Bellingham in two stretches. The fresh air was truly good for Blain, and Mo was a mighty trucker to get us through.

J came to our rescue in Bend after the leg break (where his car was broken into, too), to help haul Blain back, but it turns out his stomach wasn't quite up to the order. We stayed a few more days to strengthen up, and he was able to wean himself off Percoset, which settled his stomach considerably. We can never thank our cousins, Krista and J, enough for inviting us to recuperate with them. We will always be grateful.

We are also eternally grateful for the warm e-mails, sentiments, and gifts from folks. They brighten, and, we're certain, speed healing. Blain is getting around on his new three legs, and the pain is nearly gone. Things seem to be healing rapidly. Blain made a wager with his surgeon that he'd ski this season, yet.

We're back on track and picking up steam.

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