Thursday, February 04, 2010

So much for the ski trip..

Well Blain went and broke his leg skiing.

The story goes that we were skiing at Hoodoo Mtn. near Bend, Oregon and the snow was hard packed with a little crusty stuff. He hit a section of washboard-like ridges and most of his parts went right to avoid some trees, but the left leg didn't get the memo and went left. Poor internal communication, we suppose.

Ski patrol was there in a flash, and the paramedics gave him drugs for the ride down to the hospital. More drugs in ER before taking off the boot. Glad to have them. Dicey moves for the X-rays, and then into surgery by 7pm.

Anyway, the breaks were below the knee - in the Tibia and Fibula. Spiraled, so a bit of a mess. They salvaged the goods and put in some titanium hardware, all spiked and shishkababbed back into the proper places.

He won't have to be a peg-legged captain. So far recovery seems as good as can be expected. Looks like 6 weeks before I get to walk on it, and 3 months before mobility. So hopefully up and running for sailing season this spring.

In the ambulance had to tell the paramedic why I was laughing, inappropriately, about the scene in the Twilight Zone Movie where John Lithgow tells Dan Akroyd (his ambulance driver), "Is this Creedence..? I looove Creedence."
We don't know how this is going to affect volunteering for the Olympics. Perhaps they can find Blain a desk job. Short-term plans are to get to Bellingham to recuperate, and take it day by day.

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes. We are surely very lucky to have the families we have, and so many toughtful and wonderful friends as we face an unexpected bump in the road.

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  1. Oh, what one will go to to look good on the slopes.