Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Northward Ho (the old meaning of "ho")!

It took us a whole week to get back to civilization. We're in Dawson's Landing now for a repair. More on that later.

Our exit from Port Hardy was accidentially escorted by the Alaska Queen, headed north to fish.

Tucked into Skull Cove our first night and found a little Treasure Island science research camp. The netting at the cook shack made a nice group hammock.Chance enjoyed the signage. Nobody around, but it was fun exploring.

Blain dug up a bushel of six species of clams and cockles in one tiny area. Impressive biodiversity.

Mo found fresh mint and made homemade tortillas, and we made our stomaches happy. Our tortilla press has become invaluable.

The first few days was spent getting around the notorious Cape Caution and into Fitz Hugh Sound. Going from one island of safety to another - avalanche avoidance-style. The seas with swell and chop were 2-4 meters at times, but Oystercatcher bobbed along comfortably and we even sailed a little. Though sailing a rolly beam reach with 2-meter waves is a little hard on the stomach (and dog) we found. Nobody got sick, but they were really long days. We have some video, but no photos to do it justice.

Up into Fury Cove for the beaches and exploration, we waited out a few gales comfortably and we got to stretch out legs and burn trash. From Fury Cove we juked and jibed through the islands and rock-peppered maze finally emerging in the protected nooks of Five Window Bay and some dingy exploration.

Our steering was once again going soft, so we decided to get to the nearest settlement to try to fix it. After lengthy conversations with the manufacturer and parts folks on Skype, we ordered a seal kit from Vancouver to be couriered to the airport for the next flight up. All in all, one little rubber "o" ring likely cost us $181. Oh the life.

Here's Dawson's Landing and Jasper - the welcome dog. Chance and he spent the days avoiding each other, both thinking they were the coolest.

If all goes well on the repair, our next port of call will be Namu, then Shearwater/Bella Bella.


  1. Dang, you have a tortilla press? That's livin' large!

  2. I saw what you said about my painting-thing. Thanks! It was really fun to make. Love you, miss you, wish you were here!