Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sketchy Repair Jobs R Us

So here's the repair we were doing in Prince Rupert. Much to our dismay we noticed a shroud chainplate was pulling up on the deck after a day of sailing. This sucks. There were cracks in the gelcoat and water must have gotten in to rot out the core with the freeze/thaw this winter. So we pulled out the books and got to work. First you have to drill holes to allow you to pour in acetone to remove the moisture. This is scary. So you screw up you courage and do it.
Then you mix the epoxy with some magic structural dust and squeeze it in the holes.
Then after flinging curing epoxy everywhere and cleaning it up, "borrow" some heavy steel brackets from the harbor docks and add your own crab pot weights to weigh it all down over wax paper, which you have to buy a whole roll of. It seems like every repair goes through an industry standard 1/2 roll of paper towels and several items that you need 1/100th of the smallest quantity you can buy in the store.
Then you fill the holes with a quick cure epoxy to ensure they don't collect water.
And then you step back and say "G*d d#%m, that's really friggin ugly". And you start looking for fiberglass specialists in the phone book. You find one and immediately chart your course to their town.
Tie the shroud to a cleat and life rail plate, and hope for the best in the forcast 30 knot winds.

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