Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mom and the whales

Blain's mom, Eileen came up for a whirlwind tour of Juneau and a cruise around the local marine parks. On the way we had absolutely spectacular whale sightings and a good deal of fun. More later, but here are some of our better photos from the trip.

The views and trails from the Mt. Roberts Tram were great. A gorgeous day to do it.
We didn't know that marmots can grow so big in Southeast. Must be all the salmon.

The Aleut ceremony in Funter Bay was a sad and poignant reminder of the cost of war on us all. These aleutians were rounded up after the japanese invasion of the island chain and more or less left to starve. All of the headstones dated to 1943-44 and there were too many children's. A history of this horrific uprooting can be read here.

We ate well. Here's mexican night.

This was one Mom caught of the whales bubble-net feeding in a huge group of 13-14 humpbacks. What a sight!

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  1. You guys picked the right summer to be sailing in SE. From your blog and other reports, it looks like an unusually sunny and warm summer there. You may have heard that southcentral is setting records for # cloudy days, # rainy days, cool temperatures, and amount of rain. We just returned from a very rainy week in Prince William Sound. One afternoon of partly sunny was the weather highlight. But still, it was all better than sitting at a computer!