Monday, May 02, 2011

Gone lame

Admittedly, the blog has grown cold as we settle into our new world in Sitka. We're very glad to have kept this going for our two year journey from Seattle to Alaska. It will always serve as a reminder to us of an amazing adventure and an incredible time in our lives. Thank you to everyone who read it.

Knowing there were supportive and encouraging friends and family checking in kept it fun for us. We may do a Sitka blog some day - it's an amazing place - that's for sure, but we don't seem to have as much time as we did... Funny that.

All our best to you all, and please keep in touch.

Blain, Monique and Chance
S/V Oystercatcher


1 comment:

  1. Say it isn't so? Won't you be exploring SE a little this summer? And what about that new Sitka life? Thanks for sharing the adventure with us. Best wishes in Sitka!

    p.s. Paul thinks he saw Blaine in Anchor-town yesterday. Think you want to come back north?