Friday, April 24, 2009

Chance moves aboard

The new keys.
Our first worry - How will Chance be able to get on the boat?
He looked at it, sized it up...
...and lept - squeezing between the lifelines. What a pup. Problem solved...
...and promptly took over the starboard berth like he'd been living there for years.
We're in Shilshole Harbor. A beautiful place with clean stuff and nice people. Crodgety crumbly Whittier seems like another world. Friendly dogs and cats, too. We even hooked into WiFi. The trail leads in one direction to a beach park and dog park, and in the other to the Ballard Locks, cafes, and downtown Ballard. Chance is pretty sure he could live here forever.
We were invited to a BBQ our first week, but the weather turned, so we retreated to the rather large yacht in the background Emerald Fjords, once a burned gutted 60' hull, the current owners restored everything to a spectacular condition. Good company and very friendly opinions on all things sailing. There is a fountain of knowledge out there, and we will be sure to tap into it.
The sunsets are a plus, and the sea serpent on the breakwater keeps us safe from pirates.
Our first run at Fisheries Supply was a big one. $1770 plus US dollars. Ouch. We loaded the cart with survival suits, foul-weather gear (foulies), abandon ship bag, flares, and a mountain of marine doo-dads and pushed it out the door. We also found the marine consignment shop, for everything else.
Mo has bonded with her new kitchen; though we need to start calling it the galley if we want to be cool. So now we can start cooking.
We decided to spring for a WiFi subscription on our boat instead of going to cafes for their internet connection. We figured the money saved on lattes would offset the cost. But Blain still thinks the coffee tastes better with leaf art on top.


  1. Awesome... yes the boating life is terrific & you will learn a lot from everyone you meet. I miss the high seas!! Doug & I think of you often. Hey i will check it out, but there was a cool newsletter called living aboard that i used to get... now that you have internet maybe they can email out if they are still in business... i'll check

    Love kel & doug


    yup here's the site... they are very fancy now but still inexpensive... hope you check it out!!


  3. Thanks Kelly, that's a great site. We didn't really think of our selves as 'liveaboards' until we realized we are, in fact, living aboard. Hmm. How'd that happen? Oh yeah, sell everything and move to a sailboat.