Friday, April 24, 2009

An Earth Day Addendum - the Hollis addition

Welcome Hollis Reiter Crosby, our newest red-headed buddy to the world on Earth Day.

His measurements seem ample at 22"x 8 lbs 2oz, but we didn't get the width and height and are frankly a little disappointed at his architect parents for not supplying the necessary dimensions...

Other than that, he looks a little like Gilligan in the sailor's hat, so we've saved a berth for him on Oystercatcher.

Our friends, Mom (Petra) and Dad (Grant), say they are doing well, and they look good, too. Grant says the 'salty dog' beard is going away soon. That's probably for the best. A haircut might be a good idea, too.


  1. Hey you two...its looking pretty cush there in Shilshole and Ballard, with your fancy lattes and wifi--are you sure you're going to make it out of port?

  2. We found out last night that the local sailors have a pool going on how long we hang around the harbor. Guess they see something in us that says 'cush life'.