Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why is there a photo of the toilet in this episode?
Well, we've been learning a lot about our newly purchased appliances and appurtenances, lately, and we thought you might want to as well. No siree, nothing like propane and sewage leaks to get the adrenaline flowing around a boat.

Blain tried to fix the oven thermostat and wound up blowing fuses and breakers. He finally took it in to a pro shop to get some advice. They caught instantly that he had tried to screw the gas line down crimping a wire. Well, that also explains the gas leak... And the electrical short.
Chance just wanted to find a comfy spot amidst the mayhem. We were heating water for tea on the BBQ for a few days.

This is where the stove was - or is supposed to be. It nearly when from here into the ocean, but there are state and federal laws that prevented this idea from going too far.

Blain is working in the sun. Oven insulation showing. Favorite t-shirt showing, too.

Our youngest sailor to date.
Avery, cute little offspring of Elin and Wes, formerly of Anchorage, kind of enjoyed a sail out and around a bit. She hated the life jacket we borrowed for her, even though it really matched her eyes. At 10 months, I guess you don't really care about these things.
We were thoroughly enjoying a dang fine day with sails flying and the boat doing great. Wes proved handy with a winch handle. Blain even almost sort of helped with a diaper change. Then a minor disaster struck. The holding tank decided to drain onto the shoes under the fore berth.

YUCK, said Mo. And a few other choice rhymes.
Over the next two days we troubleshot and cleaned, and cleaned some more. Blain found a clogged vent and we hope that might help with the situation. We hope to start heading northward on Tuesday, so cross your fingers all goes well.


  1. Safe travels to you, my friends

  2. Hello From Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hello Monique, Blain. It is quite exciting following your trip and reading about your various adventurers. Great photos too!