Thursday, June 04, 2009


We are sailing north from Seattle this afternoon. We're asking for safe passage and wanted to do a proper ceremony. So we googled it and didn't find any two that matched, so we figured we'd write our own heartfelt plea.

The cermony:
Oh , Ran - and Aegir - Goddess and God of the sea respectively (we know who really runs the show), we are requesting safe passage for our humble craft with leaky holding tank and non-functional oven, and a couple of bikes strapped on the deck, containing two souls, Monique and Blain, and one unsuspecting dog Chance, who might have a soul, but we'll leave that up to you two.

Northward we seek, to plunder dockside coffee shops for free WiFi, and into the land of the ice and snow where the blah blah go and the north wind - blow. Admittedly, what we know of Norse mythology is from that Led Zepplin song, and a childhood book on Gnomes, but still, it seems like a good idea to splash a bit of rum your way (even though it's from the Carribean, and probably out of your jurisdiction).

Please enjoy the rum. It's not the best, but had a nice lable and was reasonably priced. If we run into you up there in a pub, you can owe us one.
All the best to the deities and demi gods.

PS. We did kind of change the name of our boat to Oystercatcher. We hope it's not a problem since you're both so cool.

First big stop is Bellingham to see Blain's cousin Krista and family.

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