Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A nautical pilgimage

Our Saturna returned to her namesake Saturna Island.

We're sure Wm Garden, the designer of our "Oystercatcher" found charming and compelling many of the same things we did about Saturna Island. That's why he named his best boat after it. Of course.

The sandstone cliffs and formations are wildly eroded and Boat Channel funnels the tide through at a fast clip. We saw several thrill-seekers run this rapid in powerboats.
Monique is wondering if Saturna Parks needs a Superintendant.

The general store and Saturday market were nice. Lots of fresh-baked goodies.

We really think the island has it's priorities right. This recycling center is wildly busy, taking almost everything. All garbage must be shipped off the island, so they save a lot of money by sorting into recycleables. The Free Store was awesome. All donations and loaded with goodies.

Having lived through many many park bond defeats, we also loved seeing the brand new community/recreation center facility - verses the Fire Department. The joke in Anchorage being that the voters would never turn down a fire bond...
The bikes finally got unpacked form their bags, and we rode all around the island. Visited the Saturna Island Winery and other places all along the narrow hilly roads. We recommend not trying to ride too many hills after the winery tour. Very few cars, though so nice rides. We both had bike-butt in the mornings for a while.

Blain is becoming quite the woodsman. We forgot utensils on our bike ride to East Point lighthouse, and had to improvise a soup spoon with an apple and leatherman. It gave a nice apple-y flavor to the gazpatcho Mo made.
A photo of Mt. Baker from the Island.

Blain had to rub off 6 months of seaweed from the waterline. Chance is lending advice.

We are now in Ganges (not the one with the bodies floating in it) and enjoying the Canadian Public docks and Wifi. Life is good.

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  1. Blain, I love the inventive spoon! Too bad there isn't a quick fix for cleaning seaweed...