Thursday, July 09, 2009

The offending tank is out.

Before Canoe Cove repairs, we enjoyed Sidney Spit for the beaches, warm (relatively) swimming, and rhinocerus auklets with mouths stuffed full of fish. Like Blain at All-you-can-eat Night at Skippers. This is where we caught the crab.


We enjoyed meeting John and Daleen, who saw our boat and came over to say "hi". Their "Omega" is the prettiest Saturna33 we've seen. We also ran into them in Canoe Cove and got to have dinner and drinks with them. A fun and very knowlegeable couple, we hope to run into them again. And we can't wait for the grudge match drag races.

We promised some holding tank photos.

Monique mumbling something like, "I wonder now about not marrying that plumber..." A beer and a book. Hard to top that when your whole boat smells like a pig lot.

The practice tank is fitted. Note: don't use as a real tank...

The project commenced with ripping out fine woodwork and plugging hoses.
Blain mumbling something like, "Why didn't I pay attention in Geometry class?"

Four rules of plumbing:
1. Interesting things happen under pressure. Be sure to stand back for the view.
2. Sh#t flows downhill.
3. Fingernail-biters won't for long.
4. It's never the freshwater.


Life is better now that the tank is out and, if all the repairs hold, we are going sailing tomorrow. Around some of the local islands, then back to Sidney/Canoe Cove in a few days for the final installation of our fabulous new RONCO holding tank. It'll be beautiful, I'm sure. The old one took two days to rip out, and man, was it fun to toss in the dumpster!

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