Monday, January 11, 2010

The ski adventure begins

We were invited to J and Krista's cabin in Mazama, WA and arrived just as the snow showed up. It made for some great skiing and a ton of fun hanging out at the cabin.

Chance here enjoying some post-skiing quality time with J.

One condition on our invite was a skate skiing lesson for them. We thoroughly enjoyed watching their progress throughout the week. Here they are looking strong. Note the Angelina Jolie shades. She was hoping that Brad would spot her. Keep skiing like that and he'll take notice, K!
Chance was allowed to ski-jor on one trail called "Cougar Bait". However, he insisted he wasn't the one they were after.
This chocolate concoction (sans eggs) emerged from the oven. We called it "scudge", but it was great.

Blain making friends with a local. Not all of the area residents were this glad to see lycra-clad skiers in their sissyboots. If he had remembered to hand out the pears he got at the store, he might have had a one mulepower ski-jor propulsion.
Great snow the second day. We skied to the Mazama general store. A long day but the Hungarian mushroom soup was worth it.
The fam.
This is Blain in his new snow-camo ski suit. You can hardly see him.
Thank you to J and Krista for opening their home-away-from-home to us. We loved the time with you two. And a link for J and all the other cross-country skiers reading - here's the online Swix Waxing Wizard.

Off to W Wash and Idaho for a ski roadtrip. We've hit 49 Degrees North, and Schweitzer. Looked at Loup Loup, but not enough mountain for the money. Saw quite a few camoflage snowmobile/ski suits and hunter orange hats, though.
49 Degrees North is near Chewalah, WA. And it's a really fun place. Stay at the Nordlig Motel when you're there for a skier package.

This is the view from Schweitzer Ski Area. We telemarked one day and skate skied the next. The nordic trails have unbelievable views and they interweave with the downhill trails to add some spice. We overheard the impressed kids on the bunny hill chairlift, as we actually skied up the hills, too.
Nice rest at the campfire on the hill at Schweitzer.
Blain and the big tree.
Mo - conquerer of the parking lot berm.
On to Montana and some hot springs, then back to ID for skiing. C'mon snow!

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  1. Looks like you guys are having a ball. Keep the blog coming.