Monday, January 18, 2010

"Free taters for out of staters" - IDAHO

McCall Idaho.
This little snow town has a lot going for it. Brundage Mtn. just up the road for downhill, Bear Basin and Ponderosa SP for XC skiing 5 minutes away.

Payette Lake in McCall is quite nice, and they've put some money into making the waterfront area nice with walkways, marinas, a sculpture park and amenities.

At Bear Basin we had a great time skiing with Chance. Ski-joring attached to the dog hasn't caught on out in the West like it has in Alaska, so unfortunately, we find very few groomed ski trails that allow dogs. When we do we love them.
Back on the road, we travelled through Nez Perce country and had to stop at a monument called Heart of the Monster National Historical Park. We heard a recording of the Nez Perce creation story of the making of the world's tribes by Coyote after he slayed a great monster that was eating up all the other animals. The monster's heart was left here and became the Nez Perce people. This is the Nez Perce's Eden. The beginning of the universe. Pretty powerful stuff.

On through Devil's Canyon and back into summer for a bit. The Salmon River was dry and beautiful country. Chance got to go swimming, and we got a little Vitamin D.

To Kooksia and a motel with an oddly insect-like caribou on the roof.
And a hugely enjoyable stop at Jerry Johnson's Hot Spring over Lolo Pass - Lewis and Clark Country. A 1.5 mile luge trail in, but we discovered paradise at the end.
The hot springs flow out of the cliff in waterfalls and filled the boulder-lined pools. Soaking amongst the cedar trees was such a treat.
Gorgeous spot. Can't show the "other" photos though... It's that kind of place...
Blain looking for the giant hot springs cave salamanders.


  1. Enjoyed your blog--as usual, wished I was there.

  2. that insect-like caribou is pretty cool...maybe i can get it into some neighborhood gateway feature up here...hmmm...

  3. Jerry Johnson's hot pots! My old stomping grounds. Hope you enjoyed, ahh the memories...
    Enjoy your travels.

  4. This place looks sweet! Must plan a stop on my next road trip.