Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gnaughty Gnomes in Elfin Cove and Pelicans of Wood

Back inside and enjoying the little towns of Pelican and Elfin Cove. Both are built on stilts at the water's edge with steep forest surrounding, and offer the picturesque Southeast Alaska experience.

We're sure the bumper sticker has to do with annexation or something, but we're not sure.
This sweet little troller looked older than Jesus, and probably would need a miracle to be seaworthy again, but sometimes they are alot better off than they look.

The town library had this neat bookshelf of wooden books outside carved by a local talent.


Elfin Cove is another boardwalk town near Glacier Bay, and it is particularly quirky. Though very communal with a strong community council and even a town woodworking shop shared by all citizens. We'd love to know more about this interesting place.

I think these fine statuettes show some light on their sentiment towards tourists and other outsiders, though.
The wheelchair accesibility to some of the upper inns and lodges is slightly suspect.

They had a disastrous fire last month and are still waiting insurance companies to rebuild the only cafe/resturant in town.
We were also sad to see these kayaks that had melted. A sorry fate for any vessel.
The harbor facilities are also likely not up to code...


On to an anchorge in Glacier Bay at Taylor Bay and strawberry wonderland.

We explored the former terminal moraine and found it chockablock full of wild strawberries. And bears. We had to scare off one bruin to get at his berry patch in the morning, but the risk was worth it. We'd never seen strawberries like this. Such a bounty.
We picked just a pint or so, and let the bears have the rest. Strawberries, salmon berries, and nagoon berries.

Cool yellow and orange mushrooms, too.

Speaking of subsistance, the drought of salmon is officially over for Oystercatcher. Blain reeled in a nice pink, but Mo convinced him to let it go, and the next fish was a gorgeous huge coho. Enough for a week of grilled dinners and even a few breakfasts.

We were also the lucky recipients of four Dungeness crabs. Almost too much for two people. Almost. We had crab pizza. Woah.
And now that we are true fish slayers again, Mo is working up a design for her next tattoo. What do you think? 

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