Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Juneau the first round

Chance has become quite a whale watcher and now sees more of them than we do. I think he thinks they are all dolphins, and he just goes apey when he hears them these days.

We've had a nice stretch of sailing lately in the big straits. This lighthouse came into view at Point Retreat. We were glad we didn't have to retreat, and were able to tack around to get to Auke Bay for the evening. We are having our heater overhauled before we go into the glacier areas. Figured it was a good idea.
At Couverdan Harbor we were glad to see kin. These noisey little critters kept us entertained and at one time they joined three others in a fly-by scream session.
No real photos of Juneau, we're saving that for when Mom is up.

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