Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Monster that Ate a Glacier

Look at what we found -

Yeah. Woah.

A thirteen-foot long giant squid. Chance found it really, but he always finds the smelly stuff first. The claws at the ends of the longest tentacles were way scary. Nightmares for three days. Blain is reconsidering his swimming chores next time the propeller zinc gets loose.

This was washed up at high tide on the shore of Ideal Cove across Dry Pass from the Laconte Glacier and the Stikine River. It is just south of Petersburg, a town that knows their seafood. The newspaper girls saw it and said, "Woo, look at all that calimari!".

Appartently they wash up from time to time, but are usually 10 feet or under. This was a whopper. So gross and so cool at the same time.


  1. Will you (Chance) get in the world record books for finding this monster?

  2. That is sweeeeeeet!!! I am so jealous!
    Emily Anderson

    It's like the kraken from Pirates Of the Caribbean! Shelby is better than Emmy:P