Friday, September 24, 2010

Sitka Soup with Blair

We soak in Goddard Hot Springs, south of Sitka with Blain's second cousin once removed, Blair. He just finished up working on the Anchorage to Fairbanks and Denali railroad for the summer and met us in Sitka for a few days of sun, wine and fun. He's a great guy and a fine crew member and loves to cook. That was a good thing, too.

 Dinners were quite the treat. Blair's travelled extensively in Central America and China. Mexican night was quite good.

Then pasta night. Here Blair's rolling out the pasta and hanging it in the cabin to dry a bit before running it through the spaghetti attachment and was eventually topped by the last of the black cod.

The hot tubs were big round wood tubs and were great, but it was a shame there was no good weather tub to soak in. Lots of colorful grafitti to laugh at. A fine kettle of humans. A cannibal's dream.
 Blair's been on the boat twice - once back in Belligham, and we enjoyed a nice sail back to Sitka before the wind.
Blain put in a new solar-powered vent fan before the coming storm, but it still hasn't kicked on. The directions say it might need a few back-to-back days of sun before the battery is charged. We hope that happens before 2011.

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  1. I think maybe you've met your cooking match in Blair.