Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Ski Through Geyser Country

Yes, Yellowstone in Winter. Or was it just a dream?

Mo here is staggering a bit from that "Blain's socks" smell.
The canyon at Firehole River.

Skiing through the fog made by molten rock. Man the earth is hot!

Wildlife - oh yeah. This guy actually flashed us his gang sign, but we photoshopped it out.
Introducing "Cygnet" our 1952 Bombardier snow coach and driver/guide. He loved this vehicle. Alpen Guides from West Yellowstone have the coolest rides.
After we shoved the guide/driver under a speeding buffalo, Blain took over the driving duties. He already was acting like he was the guide, so figured, "Why not?"
Here we are tailgating another snowcoach. What? it was just a little love bump... I can't help it if they were driving too slow.
Here the other passengers are yelling desperately for help and some are trying to climb out the hatch. Too bad for the 91 year old lady. She was sweet.
Onward to Old Faithful. This photo is proof positive that Raven still controls the universe. When he flew off the geyser erupted. Coincidence, you say. I say nope.
So there.
He did it.
Nobody can predict these things with any accuracy.
Umm well, okay, some NPS rangers can, but that's because they are psychotic or something. .
Here's Mo carrying her skis across the original heated pedestrian crossing. For some reason there were several places around this big lodge that they melted all the snow off the walkway. Totally random, though. Some sections they even planted green grass. Weird. Must be some sort of stimulus money or something.
As we were sitting here, a bunch of people came up and stood around us like they were waiting for something to happen. Then it did. This geyser shot out of the ground for like, a minute. Then they all walked off. It was like they knew or something. Weird.

One more dream shot. Scratch one off the "bucket list".

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  1. Hi Honeymooners! What a life you 2 have made! So enviable! Thanks for posting on the blog so I could catch up with your travels, and thanks for following Torie's Story! Cheryl