Monday, January 18, 2010

So Bogus - Bogus Basin that is and Boise with the Knoxs

Writing this looking out the windows in Pete and Robin Knox's lovely log home and ranchette at horses, cows, a donkey, and one very stinky husky/shepherd dog who thinks he's found the eternal smorgasbord...
Our first day in Boise took Pete and us to Bogus Basin. A big little ski area with loads of double-black steep tree runs to practice our jump turns on. Pete is an excellent telemark skier and pushed us to our max. We loved it. The fog was on us again, but made the day somewhat surreal.

Pete feeding the herd back at the ranchette. They grow their own hay for four cows, a calf, a donkey, and two ponies.
Here's Jack the little ass. He works the petting zoo circuit. Chance would be a good stand-in for him.
Up past Idaho City on Sunday for a XC ski with the whole gang. Caleb tried out skis for the first time and trooped along with an ever-watchful mom.
Oops. Falling is fun.
Blain got to pull the boys, Caleb and Logan, up the hills, but left the downhills for Pete, who had metal edges on his skis for stopping power.
Caleb getting the "cooler carry" treatment. He started calling for more downhills.
Pete showing off a step christy turn to wow the crowd.
The view from the top (and from the rental yurt that we have to go back to one day) was stunning. A grand picnic spot. Click for the whole panorama.
Caleb's first ski video. One of many to come, we're sure.

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